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    January 28, 2009


    Chris VanHaight

    I agree that O'Donnell is off-track: a politician has to be able to swing from tough competiveness to cordiality on a daily basis. It is like watching the Australian Open. In one match, the two players were whacking the ball with all their fury. The emotions were intense. When it was all over and the winning player went to shake the loser's hand, the announcer mentioned that they were in fact best friends. You wouldn't have been able to tell from the way they played. The same goes for politics: you just can't take it personally. Obama seemed nicer than Clinton in the primaries, but that was partly because his campaign was simply more astute and sophisticated. His call for change was a subtle attack on both the Bush administration AND the Clinton legacy. A very effective two-fer. But look who is his Secretary of State! Caroline Kennedy would make a great ambassador somewhere, but her revulsion for being in the public eye makes her unsuited for the Senate. Standing in front of the cameras, being asked all sorts of questions, shaking thousands of hands, eating innumerable Labor Day hotdogs, and kissing countless babies are all part of the job. You either love it or leave it.

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