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    November 20, 2008


    Chris VanHaight

    Any information on how Barnes and Noble is doing? They seem to thrive on browser traffic, though I wonder if that is because they offer so many different things (including Starbuck's Cafes). In some ways they are more akin to a miniature mall than a bookstore. However, I do remember reading that Border's was not doing great, so maybe B&N is on the ropes, too. As to what to put in that space in Harvard Square, the size seems almost too small to put anything but a coffee bar there (unless they do a teardown - Take that Cambridge preservationists!). Just what Harvard Square needs more of - another Starbucks!

    Robert David Sullivan

    If the Borders in Downtown Crossing isn't doing well, then there's no hope for any bookstore, since it has huge lines during lunch hour.

    Barnes and Noble is closing its store in Brookline's Coolidge Corner, though, ceding the area to Brookline Booksmith:

    My guess is that full-service bookstores will go the way of newspapers. First, local competition will disappear, and there will just be one bookstore in each major shopping district. After that, we'll probably get "no book" zones.

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