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    October 06, 2008



    How can we get the brightest minds from Harvard, Stanford, et convene a "Second Constitutional Convention" in Boston and Philly, just like the first one, and to re-examine, in concert, the blatent deficiencies of our current Constitution, and to draft a new one....

    The input from elected officials, should be welcome, but they should have no vote, as they, ARE the system and it is broken, at least on the national level.

    This Republic of ours is tanking terminally, it seems...

    I believe the best minds of Harvard, Stanford, et. al. can produce a better product...


    jack barry,

    San Francisco and Cambridge.

    Looking for rss

    Glad you've set up the blog but the feed doesn't seem to work. Clicking on your "subscribe" link offers me a download rather than the opportunity to subscribe. When that's fixed can you post it to Red & Blue again since I do subscribe to that feed?

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