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    August 11, 2008



    Perhaps an imprecise choice of words on my part -- my intent was to counter the school of thought that says "Aha, we should raise taxes because we are consuming a smaller percentage of income than we were several years ago".

    Take a look at the Tax Foundation's own chart --

    It shows that (with a blip on 2001-2) that actual tax payments have gone up every year, even as the percentage burden has declined at times, because income continues to rise.

    Robert David Sullivan

    I guess I just don't see anything surprising or unfair about actual tax payments rising as actual incomes rise. If my paycheck is going up, I can hardly expect a freeze on all government salaries. Now, there may be wasteful spending and excessive benefits associated with state and local governments (as the Pioneer Institute does a great job of tracking), but that's not proven just because the dollar amount of the average tax bill is going up.

    Certainly, no one wants personal income to start falling, even though that would certainly mean lower tax payments.

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