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    July 21, 2008


    Ari Herzog

    My understanding is Starbucks is targeting stores for closure which have opened on or after January 2006 and would fall under an "under performing" category.

    Most of Boston's (and other large cities') stores don't meet the first criterion regardless of the second.

    Chris VanHaight

    As someone originally from Stoughton and who has been to both the Stoughton and Sharon Starbucks locations, I am not surprised they are closing. Both towns are bedroom communities, albeit with some service industry jobs. While these locations might be busy at the start of the morning commute, for the majority of the day they are empty because there is no one around to go to them. A suburban worker might take the trouble to get in their car at noon to drive someplace to get lunch, but not at 10:30 am to go out and just get a cup of coffee. The locations in downtown Boston, however, see business and tourist foot traffic all day long. It is easy to pop out of your office for a few minutes to get a cup right around the corner. The rents may be higher in town, but the volume makes up for it.

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