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    July 24, 2008


    Chris VanHaight

    The tax holiday benefits people with a relatively stable job who can afford to go out and buy stuff. This describes the majority of voters, which is why it is politically attractive. However, the holiday doesn't do much for those who are hurting the most: the unemployed and the debt-ridden. The first group doesn't have the money to buy anything, except by joining the second group as well, who, if they take advantage of the tax holiday and buy something significant, will only be going further into debt. Although a gimmick as well, at least the Federal "rebate" gave a little something to everyone and allowed them to apply it to whatever they needed (gasoline, debt reduction, ice cream cones, etc).

    Peter Porcupine

    Well, he mustn't think so, as he signed the tax holiday bill.

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