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    June 17, 2008


    Ari Herzog

    I'm curious why Suffolk, Essex, and Middlesex Counties were not in the mix.

    Robert David Sullivan

    I think they were included, just not highlighted in the write-up (see below paragraph). The other 11 counties have "someone else" getting at least 60 percent, so that percentage must be lower in Essex, Middlesex, and Suffolk counties, which wouldn't be surprising.

    "Still, Kerry’s weakness could be seen in several key areas: 56 percent of independents -- the largest voting block by far in Massachusetts -- said it was time to give someone else a chance. This sentiment was shared by 55 percent of voters over age 55; 60 percent of those living in Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire, Berkshire and Franklin counties; and 61 percent of voters in Bristol, Plymouth, Norfolk, Barnstable, Dukes, and Nantucket counties."

    Chris VanHaight

    Maybe Massachusetts should do what several Latin American countries do and have a "None of the Above" line on the ballot.

    Robert David Sullivan

    Nevada has that option, and very few voters use it. I think it's an American thing; people here seem to be terrified of "throwing their vote away," so they often end up voting for incumbents they don't particularly like.

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