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    October 02, 2007


    Mr Punch

    As I recall, Jesse Jackson basically won the South in the 1988 primaries. Was he a centrist establishment candidate?

    Robert David Sullivan

    You're right. Jesse Jackson did win six Southern primaries (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Virginia) in 1988, but Al Gore won five others (Arkansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee) as a centrist, and Michael Dukakis won Florida and Texas as the front-runner in the race.

    I think Jackson won the votes of a lot of African-Americans who did not always vote for liberals or outsiders in Democratic primaries because of his status as the first major black presidential candidate. I don't think Obama can take this voting bloc for granted, and I think Hillary Clinton will win the votes of a lot of Southern black Democrats because of satisfaction with the first Clinton administration.

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